Alena Dittrichova

As a professiala-vlasyonal dancer and performer she has worked with both Czech and foreign artists.

Her productions explore the combination of dance and theatre,
mainly influenced by Physical and Improvisation Theater, in projects in various countries.

Between the years 2004 – 2008 she tought at JAMU as special assistant of Prof. Ctibor Turba.
In 2007, she started working on the creation of children’s Dance Theater at Ponec Theater, Praha.

Now she workes on the Opus Tutti Project of Companhia Musical Theatral (PT))
since 2012 being co-creator of Opus 1 and Opus 5  of the children’s theater series Peça a Peça

She is dancer of CiM (PT) – Integrated Multidisciplinary Company since 2010

and works intensively with Voarte Association

Currently she individually creates interactive children’s theaters within a teaching project in Lisbon.

In 2013 she gave birth to her son Gabriel Leo Dittrich.



Alena’s son Gabriel was born in August 2013.

Just like his mother, he is full of energy and loves running. Balls, drums and bicycles are his favorites.


Liliane Enders Ribeiro

poetic activism. mixed media. eco terrorism. urbanic wandering

German-portuguese artist (1990) studies Media Art (2009-2015)XIHU
in Kiel (D) and Lisbon(PT) and Curatorial Studies in Hangzhou (PRC).

Her work mostly deals with the public space,
using it as stage for site-specific interventions.

She creates performed objects of art in the public space, creating also videoworks by documenting the workprocess.

Influenced by global travel overland, acrobatics from childhood, politics, and “the local”.

On the quest of finding new ways of integral exhibition formats she currently lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal – with her daughter Zelda Olivia who was born in October 2012.



Lilian’s daughter Olivia was born in October 2012.

She certainly has gene of an explorer and she is not afraid of anything. She is also very acrobatic.


Yeon Choi


After working as a theatre designer in various productions, mainly focused on Theatre for Young Audiences for many years in United States and South Korea, Yeon Choi did a project called ‘Charity Travel’ in 2010, an independent volunteering for humanitarian field around the world with her husband Kameil Choi. In 2012, she published a book called ‘Good Travel Design’ in South Korea, a memoir of Charity Travel. They have been traveling since 2009 and currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.



Yeon and Kamiel’s daughter Miru was born in January 2013.

She often closes her eyes and puts herself into the rhythm of the music. She has a dreamy character and has been traveling in Europe since 6 months.



kamiel_at_pc_croppedHusband of Yeon and father of Miru. Kamiel is an independent writer who publishes most of his works online under, and has set up this web site for mamacaravana.