Fiddler on the roof of a van

July 15. We started traveling with one van (MC1) and stayed a few nights at a lake in eastern Portugal. The heat was bearable because of the cool water, the shade of the trees and the funny faces of Miru. We swam in the lake and Kamiel played violin on top of the van – a first public rehearsal without much public except for the birds and a group of bearded bikers.

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The performative part is the children’s improvisation theater during the journey


-„Mamacaravana-studio” on wheels
with POP-UP ACTIVITIES with Alena Dittrichová, Lilian Enders Ribeiro, Yeon Choi:

  • Workshop A: costume-creation with found objects along the journey and stage repertoire
  • Workshop B: physical expression workshop for parents & children
  • Caravan-touring:

    „Take a ride on the caravan and have the live-experience of the „horizon-window“


A „horizon-window“ will be installed in the caravan, and will be filmed throughout the journey resulting in an experimental video documentation of the project.

The videoproject has various exhibition strategies adaptable to the location:

  • A video & sound installation with the documentary projected inside of the caravan, to be visited by 3 people at a time.
  • A site-specific installation in the location with sound and video installation
  • Caravan-Touring (live cinema on wheels) where the audience can take a ride in the van and enjoy the „horizon-window“ as life-experience.

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